Revolutionizing Healthcare with
AI-Powered Electronic Healthcare Records



Our system harnesses advanced speech recognition technology that allows you to navigate, enter data, and manage records effortlessly, just by speaking. Furthermore, VEHRDICT's intelligent AI capabilities assist in interpreting and organizing the spoken information, ensuring it is accurately reflected in the patient's records.

Say Goodbye to Complexity

Step into the future of healthcare with VEHRDICT, the ultimate solution for modernizing your medical practice.

  • Simple

    VEHRDICT simplifies your clinical workflow with voice command capabilities and an intuitive interface, making navigation and data entry effortless and efficient.

  • Affordable

    Our cost-effective pricing model ensures that you get the most advanced EHR technology without straining your budget, making VEHRDICT an accessible choice for practices of all sizes.

  • Powerful

    VEHRDICT's powerful AI-driven tools provide critical insights and automate tasks, boosting productivity and improving patient outcomes.

Enhancing Healthcare with VEHRDICT

Overcoming Key Challenges with Technology


VEHRDICT equips you with a full suite of features designed to optimize your practice's workflow and productivity.

Practice Management

Vehrdict's EHR system encompasses practice management tools to alleviate administrative tasks. From patient registration and demographic data management to insurance checks and referrals, we've made everyday practice operations a breeze.

Medical Billing

Revamp your billing process and heighten revenue control using our integrated medical billing functionality. Accurately generate claims for services rendered, monitor reimbursement status, and maintain patient billing records.

Clinical Documentation

Clinical Documentation includes documenting the patient's medical history, presenting symptoms, physical examinations, laboratory test results, diagnoses, treatment plans, medications prescribed, procedures performed, and follow-up care.


Effortlessly manage orders and prescriptions with our integrated feature. Electronically order diagnostic tests, medications, referrals, and treatments directly within the system.

Patient Portal

Boost patient involvement and satisfaction with our interactive patient portal. Provide secure access to personal health data, such as lab results, visit summaries, and medication histories.


Embrace the future of healthcare delivery with our Telemedicine capabilities. Our EHR system enables virtual consultations, allowing healthcare providers to conduct remote visits and provide quality care from anywhere.

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Vehrdict is designed to be simple and intuitive!

Clinical Documentation

Easily set up virtual appointments with your patients.

Vehrdict enables healthcare providers to create and maintain electronic clinical documentation, including progress notes, lab results, radiology reports, and consultation notes.

Practice Management

Schedule your telemedicine and patient visits in one place or allow patients to schedule their own visits.

Vehrdict provides tools necessary for an efficient medical practice. Features include patient scheduling, calendar, telemedicine and medical billing. Give patients the ability to set up appointments through the patient portal.


Easily set up virtual appointments with your patients.

Vehrdict allows patients to schedule virtual telemedicine appointments through the patient portal. Providers can accept video conference calls from patients that have been scheduled for a virtual visit. Patients and providers can connect from mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers.

Speech Recognition

Built-in Dictation and Transcription Integration

This AI-powered EHR system incorporates robust voice recognition technology, allowing healthcare professionals to dictate notes and documentation verbally. The system transcribes the speech accurately, reducing the need for manual typing and enabling real-time documentation.

Patient Charting

Vehrdict is designed to be simple and intuitive. All data is only a click or two away.

Vehrdict provides a comprehensive view of a patient's medical history, including past diagnoses, procedures, surgeries, medications, allergies, immunizations, and family medical history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Help You Get the Most Out of VEHRDICT

What makes VEHRDICT different from other EHR systems?

VEHRDICT integrates advanced AI and speech recognition technologies to streamline all aspects of medical practice management, from clinical documentation to billing. Our platform is designed for usability, featuring real-time data entry, predictive analytics, and seamless interoperability with other healthcare systems.

Can VEHRDICT be used on mobile devices?

Yes, VEHRDICT is fully compatible with mobile devices. Our mobile-responsive design ensures that you can access and manage your practice's EHR system from anywhere, providing flexibility and real-time updates at your fingertips.

Is VEHRDICT suitable for small practices or large healthcare organizations?

VEHRDICT is scalable and can efficiently serve both small practices and large healthcare organizations. The system’s flexibility allows it to adapt to the specific needs and sizes of various medical practices, ensuring optimal functionality regardless of the practice size.

Does VEHRDICT offer support for telemedicine?

Absolutely! VEHRDICT includes integrated telemedicine capabilities that allow healthcare providers to conduct virtual visits, manage online appointments, and communicate effectively with patients via a secure platform, enhancing access to care regardless of location.

How does VEHRDICT improve clinical decision-making?

VEHRDICT’s AI capabilities support clinical decision-making by providing predictive insights, automated extraction of medical codes, and real-time data analysis. These features assist healthcare providers in diagnosing and planning treatment more efficiently and accurately.

Can I integrate VEHRDICT with other tools and software I already use in my practice?

Yes, VEHRDICT is designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of healthcare tools and software, including medical billing systems, laboratory information systems, and pharmacy management software. This interoperability facilitates streamlined workflows and enhances the overall efficiency of your practice.


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