From VEHRDICT Support

VEHRDICT streamlines the prescription process, enabling you to send accurate and secure prescriptions directly to any pharmacy across the country. VEHRDICT ensures compliance with the strictest regulations, including those governing controlled substances, enhancing patient safety and trust. With real-time access to patient medication histories and alerts for potential drug interactions, VEHRDICT empowers you to make informed prescribing decisions effortlessly.

Vehrdict EHR allows providers to e-prescribe medication and controlled substances to their patients.

Step 1: Select the Patient

To e-Prescribe a patient medication, select the patient the prescription is for from the patient list, then click Patient Dashboard > More... > Prescriptions.

Step 2: E-Prescribe Medication

From the page titled Prescriptions List, click e-Prescribe and fill out all information for the medication prescription before clicking e-Prescribe at the top of the page again to send the prescription.


Step 3: Add New Prescription

To add a prescription of medication to a patient's prescription list, click Add New then fill out all the information relating to the prescription for the patient and click Save.